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Although stretching and mobility exercises have been used for many years as warm-up and cool-down tools, it is only in the past few decades, with the contribution of sports science, that this outdated belief has been replaced and the status and value of this way of exercising has been “restored”.

Modern day life and work (decreased physical activity, incorrect posture, sedentary life) have created musculoskeletal diseases that burden and alter our bodily health and our quality of life.

For treating such conditions, mobility and stretching exercise programs were developed – based on each person’s needs and depending on their mobility shortcomings.

Comfortable kinesiology, muscle elasticity and joint flexibility, aim to the free and unobstructed movement of the human body, without pain and discomfort.

The main benefits of mobility – stretching exercises include:

  • Improvement of tendon and muscle health
  • Restoration of proper body posture
  • Reduction of physical discomfort due to incorrect posture and movement
  • Prevention and treatment of injuries
  • Improvement of the circulatory system

The years of “stiffness” with the “alibi” that it is too late, prevent a lot of people from actively engaging in this type of exercise. However, in reality, the only inhibitory factor is one’s indecisiveness and procrastination. It is never too late for someone to start mobility and stretching, with spectacular end results.

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