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Lifting heavy objects, both inside and outside of a sports setting, has its origins in ancient human history.

Nowadays however, weightlifting is a “misunderstood” form of exercise, which due to the fact that it is often practiced incorrectly or excessively, therefore causing damage and injury, is considered dangerous and only for a selected few. This of course is not true. With well-thought-out planning and the proper technical execution – which are the two basic factors of good practice – one can, safely, get the full benefits of weight training.

This includes different weightlifting programs that contribute in improving the body’s functionality and efficiency, as well as preventing injuries in our daily lives.

Weight lifting helps us in all aspects of daily life, from the way we will lift something heavy i.e. our child, to how easily we can bend to tie our shoelaces.

The main benefits of weightlifting are:

    • Muscular strengthening
    • Bone strengthening
    • Prevention of bone diseases
    • Improvement of cardiac rhythm
    • Metabolism increase
    • Increase of the trainee’s self-confidence and self-worth

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