ΚΛΖΛ Fitness Project

The project of your life

Fitness means physical condition. Educated body and trained spirit. ΚΛΖΛ Fitness Project aims to cultivate, disseminate and personalize the essence of fitness, while also turning personalised training into self-development.

It is aimed towards all those who don’t want to just get fit, but are looking forward to getting fit for a healthier and more active life.

The project of our fittest self is activated through our own will, and through proper guidance and systematic training, while requiring focus and trust in the process, the coach and of course the outcome.

This is the ultimate goal of ΚΛΖΛ Fitness Project – to bring us as close as possible to the fittest version of ourselves.

the coach

George Kazakopoulos

Does the Coach make the Project, or does the Project make the coach?

“The project was born from my need to communicate everything I have learned and conquered with a lot of work, hard training, faith and dedication. Through the project I become the “Coach” I want to be, and in a sense, I myself, become the project’s student.”