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Personalized Nutrition Program

The Personalized Nutrition Programs are designed by our team, based on the goal that has been set jointly with the interested party.
The programs are based on the unique needs of each person, based on their daily program and activities, age and weight, as well as any allergies / intolerances etc.

Fill in the following Questionnaire (5 minutes) with clear and true information.
We will review all the necessary information in order to understand your needs for the creation of your Nutrition Program. We will then use your contact details to get in touch with you.

* We will never give out personal information to third parties for any reason, at KAZA Fitness Project. Read the User Terms of KAZA Fitness Project.


4 Week Meal Plan - KAZA Fitness Project

    Nutrition Plan Questionnaire

    An Ideal Nutrition plan includes 5 meals per day and this is recommended by KAZA Fitness Project.

    For any concerns that you may have, you can call directly at: 6934 560971.

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