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Personalised Coaching

“With ΚΛΖΛ Fitness Project personal training becomes life training”

Personal training includes the designing and programing of a workout system “tailor made” for the trainee and their needs, under the full and close supervision of the coach, on a complete 360o approach.

On a training level, the “nonstop” presence of the coach offers direct interaction with the trainee, which contributes to the trainee’s better understanding of the program and drastic improvement of their physical condition.

This way the trainee benefits from the direct adjustments (corrective movements while training), while the coach’s presence minimizes the risk of injury.

On a nutritional lever, the coach, depending on the trainee’s needs, makes specific dietary suggestions to accompany each specific training program, in order to better the performance and the metabolism.

Lastly on a spiritual strengthening level, the coach is always there (for the athlete) to support them and guide them, to aspire and “lift” them with empathy and to help them achieve their goals and reach their maximum potential.

The correct personalized training is based on the capabilities of each individual person, and it is the ideal type of training for all ages and fitness levels. Depending on each trainee’s needs and goals there are different kinds of tailor made programs such as:

  • Exercising and pregnancy
  • Corrective exercise on a specific type of exercise i.e. Cross Fit
  • Athletic training and maximizing performance
  • Exercise and mobility for the elderly
  • Exercise for body transformation (fat loss –increase of lean body mass)

Fitness Services by KAZA Fitness Project

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