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Running has been the most natural form of exercise, ever since human kind stood on two feet and raised its head. We have been running for 2.500.000 years. We are made to run short, medium and long distances – whatever suits us best. Sprinting and speed for the explosive and the impatient ones, medium and long distances for the more mild and patient ones.

Running is a form of exercise accessible to all, young and old, trained and untrained, and let’s not forget that the country that we live in, and its optimal weather conditions, make running outdoors and not in a gym or a treadmill, ideal.

Running is considered to be, maybe the best form of aerobic exercise, and is ideal for:

  • Improvement of a person’s general physical condition
  • Fat loss
  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system and anaerobic capacity
  • Prevention of heart conditions
  • Confidence increase
  • Wellness

Many are hesitant and find it difficult to start, but, same as everything else, with running, the correct approach and the right programming, do work wonders.

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